Friday, February 3, 2012

The Joy of Urban Farming

Lucky are the people named Joy....they can use their name for taglines :)  Like in the case of the project of VM Joy Belmonte of QC, very apt...there is indeed joy in farming!

We were at the City Hall for a meeting.  After a quick and easy discussion of minds, Joie Faustino of DA and I were invited to visit the base of The Joy of Urban Farming.  It is strategically located inside the Quezon Memorial Circle.  Just after the restaurant complex, by the East Ave entrance of the newly renovated park under the guidance of the world renowned Palafox Associates.

The moment you walk past this sign, you thought you were lost and got to the Butterfly Garden.  Transported to another world, and you are just across the Quezon City Hall!  Of course that is what gardens sans chemicals brings back the butterflies, dragon flies, lady bugs etc.

Very pleasant staff greet you.  It is manned weekdays, 8am to 5pm.  Everyone is welcome to visit and learn from the staff and gardeners.  They share and teach from waste segregation, composting, making fertilizers, planting and taking care vegetable plots.  They do it for FREE and you even go home with seedlings to start you off!
 This will be a great visit for someone who wants to start but doesn't know what are the 1st steps to take.  here you can just go and browse first and ask around before you decide how to design your urban edible garden.  Look, they even have Strawberry.
You can even buy vegetables here....and you will be encouraged after you see how they are grown and prices are very low too.  This is almost a drive thru vegetable market :)
This mission is to:

1) To have an alternative source of food and hunger alleviation
2) Encourage farming and to answer the nutrition needs
3) Give additional livelihood
4) Help care for the environment
Looking forward to going around the urban gardens in Quezon City.  Want to come join?

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  1. i do want to join:
    can you email
    and let me know a contact for the garden?
    i'd love to volunteer. thanks