Saturday, July 7, 2012

Seminar: Homeopathy with Jake Tan, Sep 28 29 30, Manila

SEMINAR: Homeopathy with Jake Tan, Sep 28 29 30

(Understanding and Working with the Healing Forces of Nature and in the Human Being)

Session 1: Homeopathy in relation to Other Schools of Thought in Medicine

Chiropractic Orthodox Psychology
Naturopathy Mind Body Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine Spirit/Soul/Body Medicine
Filipino Traditional Healing Practices Anthroposophic Medicine

Session 2: Practicum: Part One PM

Ear Acupressure: Managing the Forces of our Life Body
Managing Fever and Inflammation Using Hot & Cold Principle
Administering Warm Compress for the Adverse Effects of Stress & Trauma and for Various Forms of Inflammation

Day Two

Session 2: A Picture of the Human Being Arising Out of the Various Schools of Thought in Medicine and Its Relation to the Principles of Anthroposophic Medicine. The Fourfold Human Being; The Healing or Adverse Effects of the Life of Thought, Feeling and Deeds.

Session 3: Understanding the Dynamic Relationship of the Nerve Sense, Rhythmic and
Metabolic Systems of the Human Body and their Role in Illness or Health.

Safeguarding the Health of the Liver as the Main Metabolic Organ
And the Role of a Healthy Intestinal Flora and Fauna (leaky gut syndrome)
Enhancing the Healing Effects of the Thinking, Feeling, and Willing
Sleep as a Healing Activity

Session 4: Practicum: Part Two PM

The Principles and Processes of Making Medicinal Mother Tinctures and
The Principle and Processes of Making Homeopathic Dilutions
5 or more Medicinal Plants and Their Indications (whichever is commonly available)

Day 3

Session 5: How can we make children healthy again! Understanding and Meaning of Childhood Diseases: Illness as a Means to an End that is, to be able to Fully Express One’s Intentions, Capacities, Talents.

Session 6: Nutrition for Health or Illness and/or Addressing Particular Illnesses and
Their Multiple-Approach to Possible Healing and/or Q & A.

WHEN:  Sep 28 29 30, 9am-5pm

WHERE: PRRM Conference Room, 56 Mother Ignacia cor Dr. Lazcano, Quezon City. Near St. Mary's College and Capitol Medical Center

  • Materials,
  • Lunch and 2 snacks
FEE: PHP6000

  • Pay to Solraya Enterprises, BPI, C/A 3535-8057-24. 
  • After deposit, email with: Name, Date of Deposit. 
  • We send you registration forms and email back to complete registration. 
  • Bring deposit slip during seminar day.
For questions, please email
or call (0917) 847-2639

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