Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Am sure you really want to help!  With all OUR excitement and workload here in the working group.....we now realized that there are some who DO want to assist and join us sharing time, effort and talent :)

There is even a young child who asked the mother to contact our resident artist, that she will help with the SOAP BADGE for the FBers.  Touching but yes...the young ones are making their parents proud.

So here are ways you can join in....surely there are others means....suggest HOW TO HELP THE DIRECTORY

1) Go to the online forms at the bottom of this link.  Fill out data for all your organic agrictur contacts :)

2) Review your calling cards and the same as above for them.

3) Read magazines...look at the advertisements and go over the articles.  There are tons of information out there...USE IT to fill out data for directory.

4) ENCOURAGE others to fill out the forms.

We have a verifying team.  Don't worry about not being able to answers and leaving blanks.  They will take care of data verification and connecting the missing info.

Important thing...YOU MADE US START !  And.... you  don't need to raise your hand :)

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